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Welcome to Disaster!

Please check the calendar and sign up for events ahead of time.  Priority will be given to those that take the time to do this!

See you in Middle Earth!

Draigoch's Lair Walkthrough

Aratlin, Nov 13, 11 5:15 PM.
Here is a helpful link for Draigoch's Lair. The only characters besides myself that would benefit from a read would be the Tank (and Off-Tank if we use one).

Disaster Downs Durin's Bane!

littlekobold, Jun 4, 11 7:46 PM.
On our second foray into the fear wing, we smote Durin's Bane on the mountainside. Well done, everyone, that's 4 bosses down total! Soon we can push on up the middle and finish this thing off.

And the big surprise of the night:

Disaster's First Fear Wing Fight!

Aratlin, Apr 16, 11 1:39 AM.

Little Bear Charges into battle!

The face only a mommy Balrog could love.

Wyre scolds the Balrog. "No! Bad Balrog!


Hosklar, Feb 24, 11 10:49 AM.
As most of you know, we are starting a Disaster guild on the Belmont Server for Rift.  We have an allied guild website that you can find here  

We aren't abandoning LOTRO by any means, as most of us will be back for raids, and content releases, etc.  It's an opportunity for us to grow our kinship / guild even larger by branching out into new territory

A Good Day for Disaster

Aratlin, Feb 20, 11 3:46 AM.
In the thick of the fight.
There are no upcoming events.
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